Meet Oliver, the smart
and automatic cooking
device that empowers
you to simplify your life,
discover new foods and
eat healthier.


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Oliver is both futuristic and familiar. It combines elegance with performance, bringing reliable technology to your kitchen while claiming a small footprint on your countertop.


Oliver frees up time in your day by taking care of the cooking. Simply browse our ever-expanding online recipe store, and have Oliver cook it for you with a push of a button.


Oliver comes with an app that enables you to discover and share recipes, as well as source your own ingredients. Oliver fosters a community that will define the future of cooking.

"The Oliver was one of the most unique-looking products on display at the Smart Kitchen Summit."



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About Else

At Else, we aim to empower people to live a more balanced life, by making the cooking experience healthy and rewarding with simplicity. We are passionate about food as much as we are passionate about technology. Building futuristic technologies for the kitchen while preserving familiarity is a challenge we decided to take. Oliver is our first attempt at this challenge and its our first step towards building the smart kitchen of the future.

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