Unlocking the secrets of
quality, home-cooked food
in every kitchen.
Meet Oliver - the smart cooking solution
for fresh and delicious home-made food.
Oliver takes traditional stovetop cooking into the future with a completely hands-off cooking experience. This smart kitchen robot is operated by an app offering a variety of recipes that have been carefully created by professional chefs. Enjoy fresh and delicious food cooked to perfection by your personal chef at home.
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No User Intervention

Oliver dispenses ingredients into the pot, stirs, manages heat and cooking time.

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Remote Operation

This smart and connected device is Wi-Fi operated by a dedicated mobile app.

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Time Saving

Oliver completes fresh and delicious home-cooked dishes in 30 minutes.

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Taste & Texture

Oliver cooks individual ingredients at different times and at their optimal temperature.

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The recipe app offers a selection of dishes from popular cuisines around the world.

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Compact Size

Oliver is a fully automated kitchen robot with the footprint of a rice cooker.

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Enjoy a home-cooked meal in 3 easy steps

1. Select a recipe

Choose your favorite dish from a variety of vegetarian, meat, fish and seafood, as well as dessert options in the Oliver recipe app.
Select a recipe on the Oliver app

2. Prepare ingredients

Follow the step-by-step instructions in the recipe app to prepare ingredients and fill the canisters that sit on top of the tray.
Prepare ingredients

3. Let Oliver cook for you

Start cooking with a simple tap on your smart phone. Oliver cooks automatically without user intervention and notifies you via the app when the dish is ready.
Oliver automatically cooks

Discover food cooked to perfection

The recipe app offers a variety of dishes from around the world, including vegetarian, meat, fish and seafood, as well as desserts. Every recipe is carefully created by a professional chef for you to enjoy perfectly cooked food at home.

A selection of fresh and delicious dishes cooked by Oliver.

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Our Story

Else Labs started with the mission to unlock the secrets of quality, home-cooked food in every kitchen. We are as passionate about food as we are about technology. Our team set out to build the smart kitchen devices of the future that cook fresh and delicious food at home for you. Our journey begins with Oliver, the smart cooking solution, bringing modern technology into your kitchen with a compact design that fits on every countertop.

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